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Summer Youth Success Program

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According to a 2011 Canadian Association Report, only 26.1% of working age Canadians with an intellectual disability are employed and close to 40% have never worked!

NTEC’s Summer Youth Success program helps students who have a disability find paid employment, and provides a continuum of education and employment services to young adults 18-21 years of age from the local school boards and alternative education programs.

To assist with the transition from school to competitive employment, this service includes safety awareness training, job seeking, securing competitive summer employment, as well as onsite jobcoaching with ongoing support from the NTEC Employment Services Team.

Some of our Job Coaches are students themselves and they assist by searching for summer jobs with local businesses and acting as peer role models while providing on the job training. Summerjob coaches also help with workplace adjustments and accommodations, as needed.

Registration for the program begins in May, program starts end of June.

For more information on our Summer Youth Success Program Contact:

Kathleen Kelly, Supervisor of Employment Services
Niagara Training & Employment Agency
905-384-3155 OR

Summer Youth Success Program
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