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Employment Supports

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Employment supports helps people with disabilities increase their economic independence through competitive, sustainable jobs. The program also helps employers meet their business needs by providing supports to hire and retain employees with disabilities.

Competitive Employment

Competitive employment is broadly defined as remunerative employment that can reasonably beexpected to contribute to a person’s economic well-being. It can mean conventional employmentwhere there is a typical employee/employer relationship and the employee is earning minimum wage or more. It can include full-time, part-time, contract, or seasonal employment to recognize the diverse nature of people’s disabilities and how their disabilities may affect their employment.

How does my company benefit from ODSP Employment Supports?

NTEC’s Employment Services provides employment services and supports to a wide range of individuals of all abilities, including youth who may be facing some barriers to employment and who may benefit from assisted supports.

NTEC Job Coaches will come on site and work a shift to be fully aware of the job requirements expected of any new hire on the job, we will learn what your employees learn so that we can effectively job coach and fully understand the expectations.

We will work with every employer to ensure a seamless transition into your workforce, act as support to you to address performance issues that will save you time and resources and provide service for the duration of employment or until such time as services are no longer required.Regular communication is maintained with the client and the employer to ensure a healthy working relationship exists.

Higher Productivity at Lower Cost = Increased Profitability

People with a disability have much to contribute to any organization. They will make it more productive, more diverse and more human. Whether you operate a small to medium sized enterprise or a multi-national corporation, whether your business is in the private, public or non-profit sector, people with disabilities have much to contribute and can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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