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Finances Overview

Niagara Training & Employment Agency Inc. (NTEC) is a charitable non-profit corporation. We were incorporated and received our charitable status on July 22, 1970. Charities are not subject to income tax and have the ability to issue charitable donation receipts for eligible donations.

Charities do not file an income tax return, but are required to file a Registered Charity Information Return annually. These returns can be accessed by the public at the Charities and Giving page of the Canada Revenue site.

An audit of NTEC’s financial statements is performed annually by an independent auditor. An independent auditor is a certified public accountant (CPA) or chartered accountant (CA) who examines the financial records and business transactions of a company with which they are not affiliated. They are typically used to avoid conflicts of interest and to ensure the integrity of performing an audit.

Please click here to view NTEC’s 2021-22 audited financial statements.

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