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Fallsview Water Park

Through our partnership with NTEC we have been able to employ a solid base of employees that are available to help us during our season peaks.
NTEC ran two on-the-job training programs in our facility to provide potential employees with realistic job training. The NTEC job coach fostered a superb relationship with all members of our team and was an excellent resource.  Some of the NTEC clients that we employ really shine, like Marc, who was able to pick up new tasks well and is a steady worker.

There is also the added benefit of learning how to evolve as a business in the spirit of inclusivity. NTEC worked alongside us as we maneuvered and learned how to coach and develop employees with varying disabilities. The staffing flexibility of the NTEC clients allows employers to staff them as needed to complement their overall staffing needs based on everyone’s ability.
NTEC trainers are available and knowledgeable to guide employers along the way to ensure that full inclusion is attainable over time. NTEC doesn’t just assign employees then walk away. They continue to check in with us and visit when we require additional assistance. That makes for a stable relationship as we grow and learn to accommodate employees with disabilities.

There may be some challenges early on, but there are challenges working with employees without disabilities as well. There are always new things to learn when endeavouring new things. That is life, but working with NTEC and the employees with disabilities, makes you a better manager and person. I’ve found that most employees we’ve hired from NTEC actually want to work and are a pleasure to be around.
I would recommend hiring individuals with disabilities. Our partnership with NTEC has been an overall positive experience.

André Ross
General Manager
Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

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