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Every so often you are given the opportunity to deliberately do the right thing.

For Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP that occasion happened on December 5, 2017, when Kris Akilie and Emily Mete of Mainstream representing NTEC, met with us to discuss the possibility of hiring one of their clients, Kim Holmes.

As a Firm we pride ourselves in seeing the abilities in people and after some in-house logistical discussions, we decided like any employee hire, it was important to meet Kim and see if we were a fit for each other.

It wasn’t long after our meeting that we offered Kim employment at fair market rate.

Kim’s early days were a bit tentative but very quickly she began to shine adapting to all her job duties and demonstrating great independence in them. Her self-confidence and sense of humor became apparent as did the pride in herself for doing great work.

Very quickly after her hire, her family and personal care workers reported a significant change in Kim’s demeanour. Prior to work they reported that she was non-talkative and indifferent to her environment.  Once she started at LBW, she quickly became a very special member of the team and her outlook changed. She become happier and engaged at home and in her life.

In our opinion there is no down side in participating in this program, Kim has contributed to LBW and is an active part of our Firm activities. She brings good humor and allows the members of LBW team to show their kindness and compassion for others, as she does towards us by bringing us treats from home. We have all benefited by hiring Kim.

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