NTEC's Horticulture Therapy program is a joint venture with Brain Injury Community Re-entry (Niagara) Inc. This has facilitated the expansion of our greenhouse growing program to include an all-season horticulture therapy resource.

Horticulture therapy garden

Specially equipped garden and planting areas provide a cost-effective and enjoyable means for individuals coping with the effects of traumatic brain injury to improve their physical health, functional capacity, and spiritual health.

Some of the many benefits of horticulture therapy are:

  • Increased mobility, muscular strength
  • Improvement of fine motor skills, coordination, and balance
  • Increased independence, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Increases social interaction and communication
  • Provides a learning environment for marketable horticulture and business skills
  • Appreciation and awareness for living things