Niagara Training & Employment Agency, or NTEC, is a non-profit organization that empowers people with special needs to participate more fully in community life.

Founded in 1970 by John Brennan, who had a vision for his son, Jimmy, and others like him who were perceived as being unemployable because of their mental, physical and/or emotional limitations, NTEC was born and has blossomed into the unique agency that exists today.

The agency is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. They are the overseeing body that governs all decision-making matters in accordance with the corporate mandate, its mission, vision and objectives, its operations, and its bylaws. Without the vision of John Brennan and the Board of Trustees, staff, parents, and most importantly, the participants, NTEC would not be what it is today.

In 1978, NTEC established a subsidiary company called Niagara Employment Agency, better known as Niagara Recycling. This non-profit company is also governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and was founded to provide a sheltered work environment to people with special needs in Niagara.

In 1997, NTEC began an alliance with Niagara Support Services, with NTEC's Executive Director assuming a dual leadership role between the two organizations. The following year the two agencies began sharing Board members (currently two members also serve on the NSS Board of Directors).

Today, NTEC's sustainable employment and life skills oriented programming has made it a leader in the Canadian social service sector. NTEC is also a key supplier of quality products, services and personnel to some of Niagara's best-known companies. Programs such as groundskeeping, landscaping, catering, horticulture, light assembly, and waste management provide cost-effective solutions for business, and meaningful opportunities for people who might not otherwise know the satisfaction of a job well done.