Small classes, personal attention, and specially selected learning materials make mastering technology fun and easy at NTEC.

All five of our entry-level programs include a wide range of activities that enhance participants' confidence, academic accomplishments, and potential for competitive employment.

Level 1 is ideal for individuals with little or no computer experience. Upon completion, participants are familiar with a variety of basic computer functions and are comfortable using a mouse.

Level 2 gives participants a chance to work with CDs, disks and to master basic keyboarding and Windows functions. Literacy and numeration upgrading is made available as required.

Level 3 builds participants' proficiency in literacy, keyboarding, word processing and use of the Internet. As the module progresses, participants are encouraged to work independently using booklets and Internet-based tutorials.

Level 4 enhances existing computer and literacy skills with increased emphasis on independent learning.

Level 5 provides participants with personal organization and life management skills and helps them prepare for employment success. Custom-designed work units allow students to complete advanced level projects utilizing the Internet, Windows XP, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of computers and printers
  • Mastery of computerized learning processes and programs
  • Keyboard and data entry
  • Increased personal effectiveness and confidence
  • Word processing skills
  • Enhanced literacy and numeration skills
  • Life skills and greater independence